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Puddin's World takeover eminent..

Well, it's "Official!" Stan's Animation Hackstand has just been approved to air on a new channel...In EUROPE..!! Yes, Stan's Animation Hackstand will now be airing in Sweden. We have been planning and trying to make this happen for a few weeks, and we got the green light yesterday..!! We're chasing down a few other channels in other parts of Europe , as well as California and Virginia (Finger crossed). If you didn't know, the show is currently on in Manahttan and the Bronx in NYC, as well as York, Pa. and Tampa Bay , Fl....Manhattan airs a new episode every 2 weeks, the Bronx air 1 new episode a month but 6 times a week. York airs a new episode once a month , but 3 times a week....This new endeavor into Sweden will be our biggest challenge to date, as we will be sending them a new episode "every" have tons of content that we will cut up , reorganize and make structurally into new episodes. We will update with the schedule as well as the online stream of the Swedish airings...Stay tuned..!!!

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