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The Screen Arts Institute's main mission is to bring classes and courses to young people (ages 17-24) that they might not otherwise have access to, particularly in the realm of art and creativity.

*New Session begins Sept.10th*
"These classes are in person" 


At the Screen Arts Institute, animation is our baby and our founder has 25+ years of experience creating

and producing traditional 2D animation. We offer classes in the following:

* Classical 2D Animation


*Video Editing

Mobile Game Building

Learn to make mobile video games using two very popular and easy to use programs and then upload your game to the marketplace for Android , iOS devices and for play on PCs. Using the following:

*RPG In a Box

*Smile Game Builder


Art / Illustration

Learn how to create beautiful graphics and illustrations , as well as comic and manga work

with "Clip Studio Pro".

Screenshot (146).png

3D Printing

Classes using the "Qidi X-Max 3D Printer.

Using the following software:

* Blender

* Fusion 360


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