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Screen Arts Institute is a non-profit, 501c3 organization based in Shamokin, Pennsylvania and is set up to give young people , ages 17 yrs and up, a chance to learn and foster new skills in the visual arts that will allow them to start a career in art and television production.


The Screen Arts Institute in it’s earliest form was founded in 1996 as the “Screen Arts Animation Studio” by Mark Stansberry . That early organization started with teaching film making (old school 16mm movie cameras) and traditional animation to a group of (8) young adults in Baltimore City, as well as producing an animated series for public access television. It then moved the studio to the Chinatown section of  Manhattan in New York City in 2006 , again teaching film making and animation and staying in New York City until it moved to Shamokin , Pa. in 2016. It was then incorporated as a nonprofit in June 2021 after success starting a Saturday  animation and digital art class for teens and young adults. The organization also currently produces a family friendly animated series with the help of some of its former students and  interns and utilizes the voice talents of many local Shamokin residents. The animated series airs in Manhattan, the Bronx, York, Pa. and as of last October, Stockholm Sweden.

We Believe everyone is creative

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Screen Arts Institute, thru visual arts courses and hands on production experience on art and television projects, will give young people ages (17 yrs and above) skills and a resume to start and foster their own art and video careers.


Our Vision

Give young people the chance to learn art and production hands on while helping us make our family friendly television shows.

We Need Your Support Today!

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