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View "Puddin" cartoons to your hearts content...From the early
animated shorts to the NEW..!!


Puddin and Nate get a new gift  from Poppi....So begins the digital age..!!!

"A Far Off Galaxy" (1999)

This is a "Pencil test" we hope to re-do and finish one day......We had just moved the studio to NYC and were trying new composite software and techniques. The character playing opposite Puddin was based on a good friend of mine in NYC (Patricia Willis).

" A Friend in City Hall" (2010)

Puddin and Ling try and see their favorite musical group.

Will they suceed..??

"Fan Club" (2008)

*If you like Puddin, send us your "mailing address" and we'll send

you a signed piece of artwork from

her television series...We'll cover the shipping costs..!! Email us at:

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