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Animation Workshop a "Success"

Our "Animation Workshop Challenge" held over the weekend of April 29th and 30th was a huge success . with 11 young people signed up and 7 competing. The young people attended a 90 minute animation bootcamp covering the basics of animation and what was required of the participants Saturday morning and worked on their videos thru the afternoon. On Sunday the 30th everyone came back for the judging of the videos; the public was also invited with family and friends. The public turnout for the kid's videos was fantastic , with a pretty much packed house. The videos were judged by our own Mayor Ulrich, Dave Tamkus, Irving Nestor, Susan Ward and John Bucanelli . The winning video would showcase the message of SCRA (Shamokin Creek Restoration Alliance) and the work they are doing to restore the Shamokin creek to it's former clean glory. The winning video was from "Team Moon" ( the sister team of Janelle and Janiece Adams) with them taking home the $400 prize. Please the attached "News Item" link for article/ press on the event.

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